DeYuCo Academy Online Business Course Process Management

DeYuCo Academy Online Business Course Process Management

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Professional Process Management

Sustainable Process Optimization

  • Learn, which methods have been proven-to-work in business reality to visualize processes successfully, to define, customize and optimize them.
  • 30% reduction of process time and costs are often possible because many processes are not transparent, leading to waste and duplication of effort.
  • Learn sustainable process optimization with all necessary tools and methods.

Most of the daily work in industrial companies as well as service providers are standardized, repeatable processes. In this seminar you will learn proven-to-work methods in order to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes. We'll show you how to identify and optimize critical processes in your company and reduce the time and costs involved. The sustainable implementation of optimized processes is a challenge because changes always meet resistance. We will show you change management tools that enable you to resolve this resistance elegantly and motivate colleagues, employees and bosses to implement those changes.


Your benefits:

The focus of our interactive online business workshop is the best practice exchange with our expert trainer and other participants from various industries. Learn from the mistakes others already did, and also see how others solved or by-passed business problems. Short-cut your efforts with our included ready-to-use business templates!

  • Professional process management can be applied both in manufacturing companies as well as in the service sector. We will show you which methods have proven to be successful in both areas.
  • We promise that you will recognize the potential for improvement in your company through an easy to implement visualization technique that we explain in the seminar with practical examples.
  • We show change management tools to implement such changes in your company sustainably and to convince colleagues, employees and bosses to collaborate with you to sustainably implement those changes.
  • Learn how to recognize important, critical processes and how these should be separated from unimportant processes.
  • Which metrics are really useful? We will tell you which (few) KPI you only need in order to describe processes correctly and to measure optimization.
  • If processes have been defined and written down, they are often not carried out as originally designed due to subsequent changes or disturbances. We'll show you how you can build up a working change management system.
  • The business solution tools “The Target Starplot”, “Process Optimization Toolbox” and „Process Change Request“ are included !



Module 1: Success Factors for Professional Process Management

  • Challenges in process management
  • Why are many process management projects unsustainable?
  • Key elements for a professional process management

Module 2: Process Organization

  • Overview of process management methods
  • The most suitable process management organization
  • Outsourcing and off-shoring as challenge as well as support

Module 3: Process Visualization Tools

  • Event-driven process chain & Business model and notation
  • Workshop tools process visualization
  • The five aspects of business processes

Module 4: Process Analysis and Process KPI

  • Process time analysis
  • Process cost analysis
  • Process quality analysis

Module 5: Process Interface Management

  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Ishikawa backward analysis
  • Interface checklist system

Module 6: Successful Process Optimization

  • The target starplot method to identify multiple business goals
  • Modified 5W method to identify process optimization potentials
  • Process optimization toolbox with eight optimization methods

Module 7: Sustainable Process Changes

  • Success factors in process change management
  • Necessary process change documentation
  • Process change management screenplay

Module 8: Process Management 4.0

  • How will digital transformation affect normal business processes?
  • The internet of things and its effects on business processes
  • Global challenges will result in new business process management needs but also chances

Business solutions included:

  • Excel template “The Target Starplot
  • Excel template “Process Optimization Toolbox”
  • Excel template „Process Change Request“

Each module will take about 45 minutes with additional time for any of your questions!


Workshops Offered

1. Open Online Business Workshops

999 Euro* per participant, anybody can register, max. 10 participants


Part 1 (3,5 hours)

Part 2 (3,5 hours)

Modules 1 + 2

90 minutes

Modules 5 + 6

90 minutes

Coffee Break

30 minutes

Coffee Break

30 minutes

Modules 3 + 4

90 minutes

Modules 7 + 8

90 minutes




Part 1

Part 2

2020-W7-4 EN

May 11, 2020


May 12, 2020


2020-W7-5 EN

Sep. 3, 2020


Sep. 4, 2020


2020-W7-6 DE

Dec. 8, 2020


Dec. 9, 2020




Part 1

Part 2

2021-W7-1 EN

Jan. 7, 2021


Jan. 8, 2021


2021-W7-2 EN

Feb. 16, 2021


Feb. 17, 2021


2021-W7-3 DE

Apr. 13, 2021


Apr. 14, 2021



All times are CET = Central European Time (UTC+1), EN = Workshop in English, DE = Workshop in German


2. Inhouse Online Business Workshops

  • Any time worldwide, you select the day and time, for up to 10 participants.
  • Choose between one-day or multiple-day formats and schedule the modules anyway you prefer.
  • Tailored to your needs, you can mix and match training or consultation topics as you desire.
  • We offer our workshops in English and German. If you require different languages kindly contact us!
  • You need an expert-on-demand to help you with a difficult business issue ? In our tailored inhouse online business workshops we can help you to identify, analyze and solve complex or complicated business topics !
  • Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs !


    *All prices are excluding appl. taxes e.g. VAT / MwSt. Early bird discount of 10% until 6 weeks before scheduled date. 10% discount for additional participants from the same company. Advance payment is required for participation in our workshops.


    Further questions ?

    Schedule a free personal online session to see our workshop interactions live and judge yourself how vivid and entertaining our online workshops are !


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