DeYuCo Academy Online Business Course Multi Project Management

DeYuCo Academy Online Business Course Multi Project Management

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Multi Project Management

Agile & Traditional Project Control

  • Projects are a typical form of business activities, however controlling and steering of those projects is not always done in a professional way.
  • Especially if many projects are performed parallel and all project managers are fighting over the few available resources, then a professional project control is required to allocate resources in a fair and logical way.

Project management is looking mostly into the performance of single projects, but multi project management requires more than the aggregation of project KPI’s.

Especially if some of the projects are using agile SCRUM and some others classic project management, then the KPI’s cannot easily be compared.

We show you a project control system, that can be used for both or mixed agile & traditional PMO (project management office).

Your benefits:

The focus of our interactive online business workshop is the best practice exchange with our expert trainer and other participants from various industries. Learn from the mistakes others already did, and also see how others solved or by-passed business problems. Short-cut your efforts with our included ready-to-use business templates!

  • You will learn to identify, define and analyze project targets. This is an absolute requirement to analyze and calculate project progress.
  • With a Business Importance ABC ranking we show you a simple yet very effective first control tool, to rank the importance of projects, regardless if they are agile or traditional.
  • In three main steps (project value analysis, project risk analysis and subsequent project scoring map) we show you a detailed approach to analyze and track project performance.
  • We show you several methods to report and analyze project progress, in order to identify the necessity for changes in an early stage.
  • Which KPI (key performance indicators) are useful, especially when using agile project management systems? We show you how to build up an agile PMO.
  • Several Excel templates are included as ready-to-use business solution!



Module 1: Project Management Office

  • Purpose of multi project management
  • Requirements for single and multi project control
  • Definition of project KPI (key performance indicators)

Module 2: Project Target and KPI

  • MOSCOW and SMART project goals
  • Cost planning
  • Time planning

Module 3: Project ABC Ranking

  • ABC criteria definition
  • ABC project ranking
  • ABC consequences

Module 4: Project Value Analysis

  • Definition of business value evaluation criteria
  • Definition of a weighing and scoring system
  • Evaluation of agile and traditional projects

Module 5: Project Risk Analysis

  • Definition of a business risk criteria catalogue
  • Evaluation of project business risks
  • Project Risk Management

Module 6: Project Scoring Map

  • Combining business value and business risk
  • 2D or 3D graphical analysis
  • Project portfolio management with project scoring

Module 7: Project Reporting and Steering

  • Methods for project controlling and steering
  • Earned value prognosis tool
  • Intermediate and final project reporting

Module 8: Agile PMO

  • Story points for multi project control ?
  • Comparing multiple agile projects
  • Agile, hybrid and traditional project at the same time

Business solutions included:

  • Excel template “Project Scoring”
  • Excel template “Project ABC Ranking”
  • Excel template „Project Reporting“
Each module will take about 45 minutes with additional time for any of your questions!



Workshops Offered

1. Open Online Business Workshops

999 Euro* per participant, anybody can register, max. 10 participants


Part 1 (3,5 hours)

Part 2 (3,5 hours)

Modules 1 + 2

90 minutes

Modules 5 + 6

90 minutes

Coffee Break

30 minutes

Coffee Break

30 minutes

Modules 3 + 4

90 minutes

Modules 7 + 8

90 minutes



Part 1

Part 2

2020-W9-4 EN

June 15, 2020


June 16, 2020


2020-W9-5 EN

Oct. 29, 2020


Oct. 30, 2020


2020-W9-6 DE

Dec. 29, 2020


Dec. 30, 2020




Part 1

Part 2

2021-W9-1 EN

Feb. 4, 2021


Feb. 5, 2021


2021-W9-2 EN

Apr. 22, 2021


Apr. 23, 2021


2021-W9-3 DE

June 15, 2021


June 16, 2021


 All times are CET = Central European Time (UTC+1), EN = Workshop in English, DE = Workshop in German


2. Inhouse Online Business Workshops

  • Any time worldwide, you select the day and time, for up to 10 participants.
  • Choose between one-day or multiple-day formats and schedule the modules anyway you prefer.
  • Tailored to your needs, you can mix and match training or consultation topics as you desire.
  • We offer our workshops in English and German. If you require different languages kindly contact us!
  • You need an expert-on-demand to help you with a difficult business issue ? In our tailored inhouse online business workshops we can help you to identify, analyze and solve complex or complicated business topics !
  • Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs !


    *All prices are excluding appl. taxes e.g. VAT / MwSt. Early bird discount of 10% until 6 weeks before scheduled date. 10% discount for additional participants from the same company. Advance payment is required for participation in our workshops.


    Further questions ?

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