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DeYuCo Academy Online Business Course Business Creativity

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Business Creativity

Holistic idea generation and systemic evaluation

  • You do not have to be brilliant to generate good and working ideas, everybody can achieve this with a couple of small tools and methods.
  • In todays business world you need to collaborate in teams to generate and analyze ideas in a systemic and systematical way.
  • We will show you methods for business creativity as an individual as well as a team, which will lead to better business results.

Creativity is not only required in innovation but in almost any kind of business activity. Some examples of common business tasks are:

  • React to crisis and business disruption
  • Develop a new product idea
  • Reduce the business costs
  • Find a new sales channel
  • Analyze the market demand
  • Improve production output
  • Reduce waste
  • Develop a new software / app
  • Create a (readable) manual
  • Open a new company
  • Design a marketing campaign
  • Prepare an online event

Many people have difficulties with such tasks. Experienced professionals have learned to quickly and efficiently create creative and working ideas for the above-mentioned tasks utilizing certain methods and a structured approach. This knowledge will be provided in the seminar in the form of proven to work methods and tools.

Your benefits:

The focus of our interactive online business workshop is the best practice exchange with our expert trainer and other participants from various industries. Learn from the mistakes others already did, and also see how others solved or by-passed business problems. Short-cut your efforts with our included ready-to-use business templates!

  • You will learn how to develop ideas (individually or in a team) in a systematical and structured way, followed by a holistic evaluation and lastly successful implementation.
  • We will show you the process from target definition, problem identification, ideation and evaluation to implementation.
  • You will recognize how simple it is to create ideas that work and convince. You will learn the necessary methods and tools, including the moderation techniques to successfully manage brainstorming workshops.
  • We show you different brainstorming techniques that beside being effective also increase the fun factor at work.
  • Learn from the mistakes that have been made by others before you. Our trainers have worked as managers in the industry and as consultants for years and learned from many best- as well as worst-case examples what really works in business reality.
  • Several Excel templates included as ready-to-use business solution!


Module 1: Business Creativity and Ideation

  • How does our brain works and can generates ideas?
  • Examples of creative processes
  • Learning creativity

Module 2: Target Definition

  • The current situation and the target situation
  • SMART: Defining specific and measurable goals
  • Prioritizing the relevant goals

Module 3: Problems and Hurdles

  • Identify and define obstacles and hurdles
  • Root cause analysis
  • Analyze dependencies and consequences

Module 4: Idea Generation

  • Tools for idea generation
  • Ideation in teams
  • Brainstorming workshops – onsite or virtual

Module 5: Idea Evaluation

  • Effective evaluation systems
  • Evaluation & agreement in teams
  • A typical business evaluation catalogue

Module 6: Idea Selection

  • Selection criteria and selection system
  • Analyzing implementation approach and costs
  • The final idea pitch

Module 7: Solution Implementation

  • Planning implementation steps
  • Controlling system for implementation
  • Monitoring and improvement system

Module 8: From Idea to Reality

  • Typical business challenges from ideation to implementation
  • The idea safe for business workshops
  • Disruptive ideas vs. small improvements

Business solutions included:

  • Excel template SMART
  • Excel template Root Cause
  • Excel template Business Evaluation Catalogue

Each module will take about 45 minutes with additional time for any of your questions!

Workshops Offered

1. Open Online Business Workshops

999 Euro* per participant, anybody can register, max. 10 participants


Part 1 (3,5 hours)

Part 2 (3,5 hours)

Modules 1 + 2

90 minutes

Modules 5 + 6

90 minutes

Coffee Break

30 minutes

Coffee Break

30 minutes

Modules 3 + 4

90 minutes

Modules 7 + 8

90 minutes



Part 1

Part 2

2020-W3-4 EN

June 15, 2020


June 16, 2020


2020-W3-5 EN

Sep. 16, 2020


Sep. 17, 2020


2020-W3-6 DE

Dec. 10, 2020


Dec. 11, 2020




Part 1

Part 2

2021-W3-1 EN

Jan. 11, 2021


Jan. 12, 2021


2021-W3-2 EN

Mar. 1, 2021


Mar. 2, 2021


2021-W3-3 DE

Apr. 15, 2021


Apr. 16, 2021


All times are CET = Central European Time (UTC+1), EN = Workshop in English, DE = Workshop in German


2. Inhouse Online Business Workshops

  • Any time worldwide, you select the day and time, for up to 10 participants.
  • Choose between one-day or multiple-day formats and schedule the modules anyway you prefer.
  • Tailored to your needs, you can mix and match training or consultation topics as you desire.
  • We offer our workshops in English and German. If you require different languages kindly contact us!
  • You need an expert-on-demand to help you with a difficult business issue ? In our tailored inhouse online business workshops we can help you to identify, analyze and solve complex or complicated business topics !
  • Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs !


    *All prices are excluding appl. taxes e.g. VAT / MwSt. Early bird discount of 10% until 6 weeks before scheduled date. 10% discount for additional participants from the same company. Advance payment is required for participation in our workshops.


    Further questions ?

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