DeYuCo Academy Free Online Business Course Preference Matrix

DeYuCo Academy Free Online Business Course Preference Matrix

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The Preference Matrix

Prioritization and Decision Tools

  • A or B ? This simple question is usually discussed exhaustively in team meetings, extending them uncessarily and resulting in bored participants.
  • In our interactive online business workshop "The Preference Matrix" we show you how decide A or B in a sytematical, logical and quick way.
  • A ready-to-use free Excel tool is included as well, so you can use this knowledge directly in your meetings.

    Your benefits:

    The focus of our one-hour interactive online business workshop is the best practice exchange with our expert trainer and other participants from various industries. Learn from the mistakes others already did, and also see how others solved or by-passed business problems. Short-cut your efforts with our included ready-to-use business templates!

    • See in our interactive and vivid online business workshop, how the preference matrix can be used to systematically evaluate alternatives, e.g. projects, business plans or directions.
    • The preference matrix is most useful, if people cannot agree on a common judgement system or scale.
    • Especially in meetings, if there is no common scale, then the judgement of any alternative takes long time and is usually quite emotional.
    • Especially, if such discussions are due to the current Corona situation more and more virtual, then those discussions are endless and without agreed conclusion.
    • The preference matrix is then a useful tool to structure and speed-up such discussions.
    • With online collaboration tools , it is nowadays possible to use such prioritization and decision tools online: In our online business workshop we will demonstate the power of those collaboration tools, using the preference matrix as example to define a weighting factor list for project evaluations.
    • Included is a read-to-use Excel template with several preference matrix examples (e.g. five to seven factor templates, project evaluation, dual factor evaluation)



    Module 1: The Prioritization Problem

    • Interactive workshop: Criteria for evaluation
    • A or B ?

    Module 2: The Preference Matrix

    • Pairwise comparison
    • The preference factor

    Module 3: Example: Project Evaluation Weighting Factor List

    • How to evaluate projects ?
    • Interactive workshop: project evaluation list


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